Top 10 Most Overpowered Devil Fruits In One Piece

Hey guys! Devil Fruits are the mystical fruits. These Fruit can grant unimaginable powers to the person who eats them. While some are good, others are too overpowered!
So today, I bring you a list of top 10 overpowered Devil Fruits in One Piece

10. Urouge’s Devil Fruit
Overpowered Devil Fruits
Urouge’s Devil Fruit’s name is unknown, but it’s ability is amazing. He can take any amount of physical damage and can convert it into his own strength. His muscle mass also increases when he does so, as shown during his battle with Pacifista.Furthermore, With this Devil Fruit, he defeated a Sweet commander of Big Mom.

9. Ito Ito no Mi
Donquixote Doflamingo is the current user of Ito Ito no Mi. The user of this Devil Fruit can create strings from his body. It is a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit. These strings are extremely strong and can also cut through anything. Nothing seems to cut them. Luffy is also the only person so far to have broken his strings. Bird Cage is one of Doflamingo’s move which can destroy a whole island.


  1. I feel that you should have included Marco’s Phoenix powers because, while it is texhnically a zoan type devil fruit, it acts like a logia and is one of the only few devil fruits out their that can fly because if you were to notice, Sengoku mentions at some point that their are only a few devil fruits that grant the ability to fly so I really think you should have included it for these exact reasons: a zoan type that acts like a logia type, one that grants the ability to fly, rarer than logia types- zoan mythical creatures


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