All Otsutsuki Curse Mark Users In Boruto

Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing fine. I’m back here at TheAnimeScrolls with the latest list of Boruto characters who have Otsutsuki curse mark. This post contains spoilers, as this post has characters who haven’t been introduced yet in Boruto Anime, but are in the manga. So, for those who do not like spoilers, stay away from this post. Otsutsuki curse marks are the seals given to those who have killed an Otsutsuki clan member. We’ve already seen them in both the anime, and the manga. So let’s look at the Otsutsuki Curse Mark Users.

5. Kawaki Otsutsuki curse mark
Kawaki is a character that was shown in the pilot episode of Boruto, and the first chapter of manga. Since then, he has not appeared in Manga or Anime. The identity of Kawaki is still unknown as he has not even been introduced yet properly. An Otsutsuki curse mark could clearly be seen on Kawaki as well. He also has another similar curse mark to that of Boruto. I think that this curse mark will be the source of his power.

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