How Orochimaru Is Secretly Related To The Otsutsuki Clan — Explained

Hey guys! Today I’m going to share a very interesting theory about ways how Orochimaru is related to the Ōtsutsuki clan. So, let us begin.Orochimaru is
First I am going to talk about Shin Uchiha, one of the many test subjects of Orochimaru. Shin wanted to copy what Orochimaru’s way of gaining immortality, but in his own way. Orochimaru changes bodies to gain immortality but Shin Uchiha wanted to clone his own body to achieve the same objective.

Also, when Shin Uchiha spoke about death and immortality, he also shared his views on human evolution as he claimed to be an advanced form of a human and how to make humans more efficient.Orochimaru is This reminds us of the moment what Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki said during the war.He said that he, and his clan share a very different concept about death and efficiently than a normal human being. This is suspicious as it makes one think why would Kishimoto take out time and redefine death.

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