Hey everyone! I’m sure you all know who Crocodile is. He was introduced to us as one of the Shichibukai. Sir Crocodile was one of the strongest enemies that Luffy faced in the Grand Line. Luffy himself would’ve been dead if not for Nico Robin. There’s a lot surrounding Crocodile, apparently. We have no information on his past. All we know is he had some sort of grudge against Whitebeard. In this post, I’ll be explaining his past. So, sit back, and let’s begin.
Theory by Beck from Oro Jackson
There has been a lot of mystery surrounding Sir Crocodile, the former leader of Baroque Works who tried to over Alabasta. And even though Luffy beat him, it’s almost as if, the story is implying that Crocodile got a bigger role than what he played as the main villain of Alabasta.

Sir crocodile

Crocodile was first introduced as a Shichibukai, who had the powers of the Suna-Suna No Mi or the Sand Fruit,during Nico Robin’s teenage years, Crocodile sheltered her and took her under his wing in order to uncover the location of a certain weapon: The Ancient Weapon Pluton.

Now, this raises a question:
Where exactly did Crocodile learn about the Ancient Weapon Pluton, and more importantly, the knowledge of Nico Robin?
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