Origins of Kawaki: Who is Kawaki??

Boruto’s first chapter surprised the entire fan base. There was this boy named Kawaki, who was standing atop the Hokage Rock along with Boruto, who was his opponent. So, who really is this person? 20161127003533

He even said that the age of the ninjas has come to an end. Such confidence. So, today I’m gonna put forward my personal theory regarding Kawaki.
P.S- All the credit for the manga panels goes to their respective sources.


  1. In addition to be an experiment of orochimaru, he is using experimental weapons like the ones that boruto used. Because he says ninja age is over so he is indicating something technological.

  2. Has anybody noticed that both Naruto and Kawaki had the same tattoo on their hands….so does that mean they both possess same power or kawaki also possess the power boruto has


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