Hey, everyone! We’re all familiar with the Devil Fruits that are so common in the Grand Line. But where did they come from? And why are they called Devil Fruits? Well, I’m going to explain all about the Devil Fruits origin in this post.

Note: To better understand this post, PLEASE read the history of the Void Century and the Ancient Kingdom first here: Secrets of The Void Century
After the events of the Void Century concluded, the World Government was formed. The Gorosei were installed as the head of the World Government.
20160702181549 They also possessed an Ancient Weapon – The Uranus. This played the key role in the formation of the Devil Fruits.

As explained in the post above, the Marshall D’s were a treacherous family in the “D” Kingdom. They allied with the World Government but we’re massacred. Some of them survived, though. The most evil of the Marshall D’s was also killed in this act. His soul found its way inside the wand of Uranus.



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