One Punch Man has dropped its latest episode and it is safe to say that this one was the best one among the lot even though all season 2 episodes have been awesome as hell. In the recent episode, we got to see Goketsu entering the place where the tournament is being held. He gave all the participants a choice whether to die or eat monster cells and turn into a monster.

Some refused but some of them obliged. Bakuzan surprisingly ate the cells willingly and turned into an ugly but powerful monster. Suiryu, on the other hand, was able to beat the monsters that had recently transformed into these ugly creatures. But when he went up against Bakuzan and Goketsu he was very badly beaten up.

Even though he was able to land some blows on Goketsu, but his durability was too insane to get passed and thus Suiryu was beaten to a near-death situation. Even after Goketsu left, Bakuzan continued to hit Suiryu.

Monster Association Plans

Just when it seemed that Suiryu was going to die, he was saved by the intervention of Saitama. Now, next time we will see what Saitama does to Bakuzan the monster. During the episode, the ugly plans of Monster Association were also revealed a bit.

Orochi and Gyoro Gyoro were shown again and Gyoro Gyoro was talking about what they want. They want a world full of just ugly monsters. Their first step was to cause chaos among human beings. This has been easily achieved by Monster Association. Their second step was to secure some hostages that back the Hero Association which also they have done as they have captured the son of Hero Association VIP sponsor.

Now, they are transforming very powerful human beings into monsters which become way more powerful than when they were human beings. This phase of their plan is going smoothly. Bakuzan who is a very powerful martial artist has joined the ranks of Monster Association as well. This is a clear victory of the monsters for now. The only humans that seem to be powerful enough to defeat these monsters are Saitama and Garou who calls himself a monster as well. Whether Saitama flights against Garou or alongside him remains to be seen. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on this crazy plan of Monster Association in One Punch Man season 2. One Punch Man season 2 is getting exciting.


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