One Punch Man season 2 has exceeded my expectations as I think the season just went from being okay to awesome. The best thing about this season has been that it has just become more awesome with each passing episode and I as a fan keep thinking that each episode surpassed the previous one without a doubt. This tells me that season finale of One Punch Man season 2 is going to be epic.

In the last episode, that is episode 23 we saw how Garou was able to be all the A class heroes even though he was soo injured. After that Genos showed up and impressed us all with his new upgraded specs. Genos was about to finish of Garou ad Bang and Bomb arriver. While Bomb decided to deal with the monsters that had arrived, Bang was ready to face his disciple Garou. This is where the episode ended. Now, in the upcoming penultimate episode of season 2 which is titled “The Disciple’s Wipe”  we will get to see the battle between Bang and Garou.

Bang will literally bang Garou around and it will seem that Garou’s death is just a matter of time now but Phoenix man will arrive and take Garou to Monster Association Headquarters. Even though Garou will not want to go there he will have little life left to say so. Meanwhile, Bang, Bomb and Genos will have to deal with Elder Centipede monster which will seem invincible.

One Punch Man season 2 episode 24 Release Date

No matter how many strong attacks the trio will through at it, there is going to be little to no effect on Elder Centipede. Finally, at last Saitama will arrive.

Saitama will decide to fight the Elder Centipede on his own and as usual with just one punch he will destroy the impenetrable body of Elder Centipede which will completely shock Bomb and Bang. Again we are bound to get the teaser of Saitama’s invincibility. So, it seems that Garou might, at last, be turned into an actual monster after his defeat at the hands of Bang.

One Punch Man episode 24 aka One Punch Man season 2 episode 12 will be released on Tuesday 02 July 2019. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding One Punch Man episode 24 spoilers. So, let us see how things unfold in the penultimate season 2 finale of One Punch Man anime. I’m sure it is going to be completely awesome as hell.


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