One Punch Man season 2 episode 8 was just insanely awesome. In this episode, we saw the monsters attack the Martial Arts Tournament stadium. Goketsu appeared and killed a few people. He gave the heroes a chance, whether to eat monster cells and become more powerful and monsters or simply die. Some ate the cells and became monsters and started causing havoc.

Then Suiryu appeared, he defeated the newly turned monsters and then went to face Goketsu but Goketsu proved to be even stronger than him. Suiryu was beaten to death. Then Bakuzan turned into a monster and started to beat up Suiryu again. Suiryu was crying in agony and was calling for help. Saitama aka One Punch Man appeared and told Suiryu that he had heard his cry for help and also told him that he did well while Saitama himself walked towards Bakuzan to fight him.

Now, the spoilers of the upcoming episode will follow, so whoever does not like to read spoilers please stay away from this spoiler post. Now, in the new episode, we will get to see Saitama vs monster Bakuzan.

One Punch Man season 2 episode 9 release date

Bakuzan will try to land a serious hit on Saitama but he will fail to cause any damage to him and in return, Saitama will kill him with just one punch. Then we’ll see Suiryu warning Saitama about Goketsu who is a monster with the best martial arts skills.

He will argue Saitama not to go and face him as the people around him need him but Saitama just after hearing that there is a top martial arts monster around will get excited and leave to face Goketsu. Saitama will then fight Goketsu and kill him with one punch and send his head flying towards the stadium and near Suiryu. Suiryu will be so damn surprised by how powerful Saitama actually is.

Suiryu will then urge Saitama to take him as his disciple and help him become a pro-hero. It is amazing how Saitama has been able to completely change the mindset of Suiryu about pro heroes. Also, monsters and other heroes have played a part in Suiryu now trying to become a hero. Saitama will refuse to accept him as his understudy as he already has one. Genos is still trying to get himself together after suffering at the hands of Goketsu. So, what are your thoughts on these new One Punch Man spoilers? Do mention them in the comments section down below.


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