One Punch Man season 2 is finally here and it is safe to say that this new season is getting better with every damn episode. We previously got a shock meeting of Garou and Saitama in which Saitama knocked Garou out for fun. Now, we in the middle of villain invasion and it seems that is not the only highlight going on here. The Martial Arts tournament in which Saitama is participating is also pretty damn interesting.

In One Punch Man season 2 episode 5 we saw Saitama taking to the stage for his first fight and as usual, it also ended in just one hit. Now, from here on serious spoilers regarding One Punch Man season, 2 episode 6 will be revealed. So, read further only if you like reading spoilers. In the next episode, we will see Saitama face his next opponent in the Martial Arts tournament.

This time his opponent is going to be Bakuzan who seems a pretty powerful and decent character. Saitama will just straightforwardly ask Bakuzan to show him his martial arts moves. Bakuzan will smile and oblige to this request of Saitama, thinking that he will crush Saitama in one blow. But then Bakuzan will just dislodge the wig of Saitama which is his disguise and Saitama will panic and send Bakuzan up in the air with the minimum of effort.

This will be all it takes for Saitama to defeat Bakuzan. Each fan and participant that will see this battle will be left in shock as no one expected Saitama who is disguised as Charanko.

One punch man season 2 episode 6 spoilers

Then we will see Suiryu who will also be impressed by Saitama finishing his match in just one blow and will vow to finish his own match in one blow as well.

As all this is happening, heroes from across all the cities will be dealing with villains. Genos will be shown defeating multiple villains before facing off against Awakened Cockroach. The next episode promises to be more action-packed even from the last one. As I said earlier that One Punch Man season 2 is getting better and better with each passing episode which is refreshing to behold.

After all we fans have been waiting for the second season of One Punch Man for years now and now that it is finally here it seems that our wait was worth it. One Punch Man season 2 episode 6 is titled “The Monster Uprising”. It is going to be released on 14 May 2019.


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