The second season of the One Punch Man series is about to finally drop in a couple of days at last. We did not get any new episode last Tuesday but we will finally get a new episode this coming Tuesday. In One Punch Man season 2 episode 8 aka One Punch Man episode 21 we got to see Goketsu attacking the Martial Arts Tournament stadium.

He revealed that he was defeated by Orochi and then gave him the monster cells to transform into a monster. Goketsu then attacked the participants and some ate the monster cells. Suiryu then defeated the transformed monsters but was not able to do anything about Goketsu who manhandled him. Bakuzan also ate the monster cells and then just started to tear Suiryu apart limb by limb. Goketsu left the stadium but Bakuzan stayed back to just brutally beat up Suiryu once more.

Then at the end, we saw Saitama coming back and saving Suiryu. Just as Saitama went to face Bakuzan the episode ended. Now, coming to what will happen in the new episode. In this episode, we’ll see Saitama facing Bakuzan. Bakuzan will try his best to beat up Saitama but nothing will affect him whatsoever. Then Saitama will kill him with one blow. Suiryu will be shocked to see how powerful Saitama is. Suiryu will tell Saitama about Goketsu the martial arts expert.

Saitama will want to face him as well expected but Suiryu will tell him to stay back as he thinks he cannot beat Goketsu. Saitama will not care about what Suiryu will tell him and go out and face Goketsu.

One punch man episode 21 release date

Saitama will kill Goketsu with one punch again and his head will land inside the stadium where Suiryu actually is, this will again just shock Suiryu as he will not expect Saitama to win so easily.

Then Suiryu will want to become a hero as well after witnessing how brave the heroes actually are, also he will request Saitama to take him under his wing and train him but Saitama will brutally refuse to train him or take him under his wing. What are your thoughts about Saitama not taking Suiryu under his wing?

Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding One Punch Man episode 21 aka season 2 episode 9 spoilers. I’m excited to see how the animations will work in this episode. There have been a lot of complaints about the animations so let us keep a close watch on them.


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