All Right guys it’s time for One Punch Man Chapter 130 review. The Chapter came out day before yesterday and already now we are receiving various fan-translation. As always Yusuke Sensei’s work is Top-notch. Recently we are getting chapter at really rapid pace which is quite the improvement over previous year’s slow pacing. Regardless we are going to reach juicy part of the Hero Association fight, it seems Hero Association under Child Emperor is taking quite the tough stance for choosing heroes for rescue mission.

We first see Genos observing King playing Pokemon on Nintenodo DS. Genos makes mental note of how it’s earl for him to join Saitama and King’s Imaginary Battles. We than See Bang and Bomb still in Saitama’s room crowding the small place. Saitama than returns looking “dirty” and “tired”. At firs everyone is alarm and they quickly inquire about Saitama’s predicament. But Saitama’s reply about how he left his purse and cabbage makes everyone facepalm. We than See Fubuki returning to his place angry with how he left his cabbage and how management force her to pay the bill.

Image result for GenosAt Fubuki’s comments Saitama sweat-drops and tries to put it on “Dine and Dasher”. On the other side we see at Monster Association Psykos interrogating the Monster. It seems these monster have “killed” Garou. While Psykos is upset she repeatedly asks if they are sure that Garou did die from his injury. The Monster nonchalantly say that probably Garou did die from his wound though they didn’t double check. Than Psykos directs Ripper to get rid off the ugly kid. But Ripper says he will do it at his own time. We than see brief scuffle between monsters, especially one gluttonous one wants to eat the kid. We than see the Organisation’s G5 in the way of gluttonous monster but he quickly throws a weak monster into the Glutton’s mouth.

One Punch Man - Saitama, Genos, Sonic, Fubuki, Tatsumaki, Mumen Rider, King, Bang, Charanko, Metal Bat, Zenko and Child Emperor

Ripper than is quite amuse and impress with G5’s sword collection. (those of you who don’t know about G5. it’s upgrade version of G4 the one Genos beats when they first meet King). Finally we see quite couple of Executive members of the Monster Association like Vamphire, Ugumon, Bug-God, Phoenix King etc. It’s seems that Monster Association is very formidable as they have taken down Metal Knight and several other A-Rank Heroes.We than again return to Garou who has awaken and is seriously angry. His Murderous intent has taken on an whole other level thanks to the growth from previous fight.

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Now we are back to Saitama’s side where Dr. Kuseno has come into check on Genos whilst meeting his sensei. At first everyone thinks that this combat-bot is some monster and King is push away to fight but than Kuseno shows his face. Everyone appreciates the Doctor for his commendable work and he enters Saitama’s good books by bringing “Rare Meat”. The scene again shifts to Hero Association where Child Emperor is strategizing  the Hero Association’s Resources. According to the report Metal Knight, Drive night have fallen and they are gonna exclude Bang.

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Emperor is quite upset with Bang’s failure hence this decision instead they are gonna fill in team with A class and try to make up with quantity rather than quality. Zombieman and few others are approaching the headquarters for the Rescue Mission. Child Emperor is suspicious of Genos when he learns that he lives close to the Monster Association’s headquarters. He makes the executive call about not including him in the Team. Plus he names “King” as the Trump card for Hero Association not realizing that Saitama is the True “King”.

Yusuke Murata One Punch Man man mammal male human behaviorWe than see scuffle between the group for Food as  Saitama prepares the Hot-Pot. Kuseno is quite surprise by the kind of Group Genos is in and even more surprise by the change in Genos’s Personality with this group. We than see the group fight for exquisite portions of the Hot-pot. Everyone fights and Saitama is miffed since he didn’t get any. Than like always everyone tries to recruit him into their organization. With Bang going so far to ask him why his Dojo no longer the Best. We than see Saitama finding King knock-out by their previous scuffle.

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