It’s been couple of days since the release of One Punch Man Chapter 128. We are steadily reaching to the most juicy part of One Punch Man the face-off between the Monsters and Heroes. The Art work is just great and I would go on limb to say that the series might be best especially in terms of Art. In this chapter we see people panicking thanks to Monster Association’s action.

One Punch Man Chapter 128 Review

In One Punch Man Chapter 128, We see people rallying around, riots happening everywhere etc. All thanks to one announcement from Monster Association.(Whose mere existence shakes the core of Human Society). Now people are readily sacrificing their moral codes and disobeying rules all for the sake of survival. This Worries Garou as Monster Association is taking the center stage.  As this might eclipse his entry as the Strongest Monster in the History. Also thinking how things are becoming more and more chaotic. People themselves are doing the jobs of monsters.(Since according to Garou’s ideology, Monsters are one who should keep people in line). The very thought of Monster Association doing such shoddy job infuriates Garou.

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We than see Garou rescuing an senior citizen from drunkard before entering into the Restaurant. It seems that Garou does has extensive knowledge about Body Building and Nutrition. We see him ordering quite large quantity of Meat and Salad before downing it with Ice cold Water. People in restaurant are flabbergast by Garou’s consumption quantity and picturesque technique. Apparently Saitama is visiting the same restaurant during his hunt for Hero Hunter and seems like he drop his purse during an earlier venture. Now Saitama worries about the consequence of dine and dash. Fortunately Fubuki turns up,  it seems that she still wants to convince Saitama to team up with her.

One Punch Man Chapter 128 Review

Suddenly Saitama hears about Dine and Dasher announcement and he quickly goes after chasing the guy. But before he leaves he hollers Fubuki to pay the bill, Which Fubuki finds quite strange considering the current situation of turmoil. We than see Garou having outrun all his pursuers and near a park. Bunch of Kids are bullying a single guy for his looks but than Garou steps in. Turn out this Kid is the one who usually rents his Hero Autograph Book to Garou. The Kid thanks Garou for stepping in as well as covering up for him while he escapes from conflict zone the other day.(That is when Heroes corner Garou to Kill him).

Ripper One Punch Man Chapter 128 Review

As they are talking Saitama catches up and hollers about how he is going to catch him for Dine and Dash. However he realizes that he did same thing and feels quite guilty so leaves Garou. But this infuriates Garou and he asks Caped Baldy’s name. Garou is angry because of pity been shown to him. First it is Monster Association than this Nobody. With complete Murderous attempt Garou tries to hunt Saitama only to be sent flying with casual punch. After sometime Garou wakes up with concussion and tries to remember the incident with the Kid. We than See Ripper and few other monster here for Garou’s execution. (since he isn’t showing any monster like behavior, fails to take down a hero and so on). The Chapter ends again at cliff-hanger with Garou telling the Ugly Kid to Flee.

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