Sorry guys for late update. I am little busy lately since I am trying to apply for Summer internships. Anyways One Punch Man Chapter 127  is very eventful as it gives inside perspective to the Monster Association. If you are follower of One’s Work in the Webcomic form I am pretty sure you would find this chapter full of information. Thanks to the efforts of Monster King Orochi and Gyoro-Gyoro successfully create organization to oppose the Hero Association.

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The Numbers of Monster Association(MA) are very impressive. They easily rival Hero Association and perhaps even surpass them in terms of Power. So the Chapter starts with Garou waking up from deep sleep after near death fight with Hero Hunter disposal squad. Garou reads a letter which gives the gist of how he ends up at MA. Garou instead walks down the alley feeling disorientation from his multiple injuries and reeking environment. He contemplates the fate of his former master and the Heroes and presumes them to be dead. At the End of the Alleyway Garou watches some mercenaries at center of opening waiting for some kind of Punishment. It seems Mr. Narinki’s personal Army is at the Mercy of Monsters. In fact the army could have escape if not for the involvement of Another Cyborg: Machine God G5. This Cyborg is from “The Organisation”. One Punch Man Chapter 127 Review

Important thing to note here is that “The Organization” is same group for Which Genos is looking out for. They are the ones to attack and destroy his Hometown and now Genos is probably planning to exact revenge. Just an observation it seems like this Bot might have appearance similar to the S-class Hero Drive Knight. So it can be his way of reconnaissance and infiltration of MA. Anyhow Monsters than try to decide the fate of these mercenaries, some of them really become impatient. Royal Ripper steps in and finishes off the upstart before proclaiming that they are his victims. One Punch Man Chapter 127 Review

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However Monster Princess Do-S steps in and stops the Ripper. Than she boldly proclaims from now on those mercenaries are her slave and takes them under control. It seems the Suits are very similar to Hammerhead’s suit and She easily draws on their inner potential. All this while Garou Distastefully observes them, Perhaps realizing that they are just crazy without any sense of “Monster-duty”. Than Garou enters the stage where every monster approves of “Hero-Hunting Human”. Gyoro-Gyoro makes him an Executive member right off the Bat. It seems everyone is quite happy with Garou and his “Fighting Spirit”. One Punch Man Chapter 127 Review

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However Orochi has a condition before Garou joins the group. According to him, Orochi will easily concede that he is mysterious being if he kills a single hero and he has only one day time to complete the job. Garou than reiterates saying that in his previous fight quite number of Heroes are dead. But Gyoro-Gyoro informs him that Bang and his group is alive and well while the Elder Centipede is actually dead. The Chapter ends with talk about Speed of Sound Sonic failing to reach the association and Monsters following Garou in his Errand. One Punch Man Chapter 127 Review

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