In the previous chapter we had some awesome action. We got tidbits about the Legendary Hero Blast. Saitama uses Serious Punch to obliterate the opponent from existence. We also get exquisite Action Sequences between Student & Master and so many other stuff. However Chapter 126 is fast pacing one which shows the Preparations made by Hero Association to counter the Monster Association.

Chapter 126 Collage

We get few interesting reveals in this chapter. While it appears more like filling information to the original Webcomic it does clear several points to the Story. We have the Hero Association preparing their assault over the Monster Association. First we see them preparing all the S class heroes and Amai Mask reporting for duty. The Hero Association treat Heroes as Commodity and they try to call Blast. But Mr. Stich advise against it and explains Blast’s conditions to be a Hero. Mr Nariniki is a chief sponsor of the Association and his son has become the hostage of Monsters. We also meet Mr Sekingar the Commander of Rescue Mission. He explains gravity of situation to Tatsumaki who behaves like a kid. He also explains about the previous attempts of Drive Knight. It seems he too went in to the Base and hasn’t return or given any kind of response. Tatsumaki begins to see the point of a Team.

Chirstmas special Chapter 126

We also see a Atomic Samurai and his disciples meeting up with Amai Mask in Chapter 126. Amai Mask makes rude comments and brags about himself which infuriates Atomic Samurai. This forces his student to try and pacify the situation before it turns ugly. On the other hand we see Fubuki reaching out to Saitama after her team of Lizard Group is out of commission thanks to Tatsumaki’s “love tap”. The number of guest and their social standing amazes her. Saitama is nonchalantly playing a game similar to Pokemon. He fights King with Golemguy (which Saitama grinds to max level). King tries to explain him about Type advantages and stuff but it seems Saitama is still having tough time.

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Fubuki explains about the current crisis after learning how Saitama’s group has been out of contact with the Hero Association. It’s seems Fubuki still has dibs on Saitama and she wants him to join the group as it would bolster her status. Doubts comes over her mind when she realizes that Saitama’s unharmed in a fight where powerful heroes like Bang, Bomb and  Genos have taken this amount of damage. She tries to somehow coerce him with a strategic meet but Saitama leaves. It seems He is quite angry about Garou not hunting him because Saitama is “Caped Baldy”. The Chapter 126 ends on the Hero Association’s side of story where Narinki unleashes his Private army to rescue his son.

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