It’s seems Yusuke sensei has gone all out for this chapter 125. This is one of the biggest chapter in the history of One Punch Man manga. Its a humongous in size and completely packed with detailed action. Each page has excellent action sequence and straight forward pacing. The amount of details in the manga chapter are simply breathtaking. It’s more like we are actually watching the sequence like in an actual anime. Moreover the fights are now proceeding to a major Arc and its good to know that the Art would still continue in this fashion.

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Well if last chapter bombastic this chapter is an excellent conclusion to previous one. Last chapter left us at cliffhanger. We were unsure about Garou’s fate. We just saw them facing off against each other taking stance. Whilst Bang finishes off the Monsters who would pose threat to the fight between Master and the Student. Genos became spectator to the fight  after performing remarkably well. In fact his improvements are clearly visible from his previous fights be it with Garou or Monster Association.

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We First have action between the Master And Student. They face-off against each other in Water Flowing Rock Smashing Fist. Most spectators agree that difference in their skills is like the Night And Day. However I would digress that this is likely because Garou learnt way too many Martial Art techniques during his Dojo Hunting Days that his Fighting style has become complex and ever evolving. Meanwhile Bang finishes up his job by moping the floor with the Monster Association Back-up and Genos detects two more monsters. The two martial artist team up to take out Garou while Garou struggles to accept defeat. He realizes how unfair his fight is against the two World Class marital artist and we kind of get another backdrop from past.

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The Lead Monster Bird realizes that it now or never or Garou will die. He creates a diversion and swoops in to save Garou from certain death; While the monster Which Genos thought to be unlocatable turns out to be very large one. In particular this monster is the Elder Centipede.(more like Kilopede). All this time Garou insists his savior to leave him and allow him to continue the fight regardless of the Bird’s protests.

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Now we see that Bang and other heroes take shelter, they are able to correctly assess that they are no match with so many heroes with severe injury. Bang and Bomb try a combination attack: Roaring Aura void Ripping Fist. But it miserably fails as it turns out they only wreck the exoskeleton exposing an even stronger monster. According to Gyoro Gyoro only 4 heroes can take on this monster in Hero Association. Blast, King, Tatsumaki and Metal Knight being the four. We all know that King is actually Saitama since King took those credits.Chapter 125

Genos realizes his limit but questions is it really it? he tries to go beyond it by fighting the Centipede but its not enough. He can’t by enough time even by blowing himself up. Bang gets ready for his final gambit. A fight to death whilst King’s voice come out of sudden. It seems King knows about the connection between this monster and Blast  and tries to edge him to follow him. Than Saitama steps out from behind King and erases Elder Centipede from existence with a Serious Punch and relents that he finally is at ease. King comments that he didn’t knew that Saitama is this frustrated with loss. Genos with huge damage asks Saitama for advise (King even comments that Saitama is last person to take advise from). Saitama tells him he is lacking in power. The episode ends with everyone retreating to Saitama’s place.

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