One Punch Man franchise has certainly taken the fans with a huge surprise. As the fans were enjoying the second last episode of season two of One Punch Man anime, they have been provided by a piece of awesome news. Bandai Namco has revealed the trailer of the first ever console game of One Punch Man and it looks completely awesome. This game will be available on platforms like PC, PlayStation, Xbox One. Here is the trailer of One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows:

The animations look absolutely stunning from the trailer. The whole point of One Punch Man series is to show how invincible Saitama the One Punch Man really is and we should thus expect him to not be beaten in the game as well. From the trailer, we can see how fazed Saitama is from whatever is going around him. In the trailer, we also see some of the important characters that we see in the anime like Speed O Sonic, Hellish Blizzard and Saitama’s very own Sidekick.

Nothing more than just the trailer of One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows has been revealed. We do not know the staff which is working behind the scenes, we do not know when the actual game is coming out, we do not know a lot of things and certainly, we do not know when the more details about the game will be revealed.

One Punch Man game trailer

The sudden nature of this shocking trailer was so that nobody in the world expected it. Credit should go to One Punch Man franchise that they kept the game so well under the wraps.

Right now as we know we have approached the climax of One Punch Man season 2 anime. In the penultimate episode of One Punch Man season 2, we are going to see a student face his master. Bang will take on Garou and will dominate him. Fortunately, for Garou, he will be rescued and taken to Monster Association by Phoenix Man in which he will have no say at all. This will be terrible news for heroes. Bang, Bomb and Genos will battle the elder centipede who they will be unable the defeat.

Finally, Saitama will arrive and take out the elder centipede with just one punch of his which will surely be an epic scene to behold. I’m sure the season finale of One Punch Man season 2 is going to be just sheer awesomeness. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows trailer?


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