One Piece anime is about to start the Wano arc at last. Now, the slow pacing of the anime is gone and the normal pacing of the anime will be back from the next episode which will officially mark the start of the Wano country arc. We’ll get to see the new director Tatsuya Nagamine in action for the very first time in One Piece anime and also new character designs will be at the heart of it all as well. The first theme song of Wano country arc has now officially been revealed. This new song is titled “Over the Top”.

This song will be sung by Hiroshi Kitadani while the lyrics of the song are provided by Shouko Fujibayashi. Takayuki Negishi and Kohei Tanaka will be handling the theme and composing it respectively. These names are well known to all One Piece fans as they have worked on various theme songs on the past as well. All of the previous themes were indeed pieces of great work and we fans are hoping that they will be able to put forth a masterpiece of a theme for the awesome Wano country arc.

As we know in recent times especially after the Whole Cake Island arc, Reverie arc has been stretched a lot. In the arc, only half a chapter was being adapted and now the normal service will be resumed as now at least one chapter or even more than one chapter will be adapted from the next episode.

One Piece wano arc

Wano country arc is shaping up to be the best ever arc of One Piece series in the manga and Oda is releasing one awesome chapter after another in the manga.

So, it is normal for fans to be hyped up for the manga to be adapted in anime. Also, additional scenes will be added to anime which are not in the manga so keep an eye out for that as well. Roronoa Zoro will be shown in the upcoming episode just blazing past and killing numerous servants of Kaido and Orochi and it will serve as a trailer for what is to come in the Wano arc. One Piece episode 892 will mark the start of Wano country arc. This episode will air on Sunday 07 July 2019.

Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on the new theme song in One Piece anime. I certainly am excited about this new theme because a lot of quality talent has been working on this song, so do expect it to be awesome. Let us wait and behold how the first episode of the new One Piece anime era turns out to be.


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