One Piece: Stampede is easily the most hyped One Piece movie that has made the market for a while now. It is being released in order to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of One Piece manga. an are going to be a host of original manga characters and also some of the new characters as well. Douglas Bullet the antagonist of the movie is a former member of Gol D Roger’s crew so it is understood why the hype keeps on getting bigger with each passing day.

The new cast members that have been added to the star-studded voice cast of One Piece: Stampede are Naoto Takenaka, Fischer’s the YouTube group and Ron Monroe. The roles of these actors are yet to be confirmed by they have been hired for sure. Also, the voice actors of the main characters of the movie like Douglas Bullet and Festa have been confirmed already.

Tsutomu Isobe will be voicing Douglas Bullet and Yusuke Santamaria will be the voice behind Buena Festa. The plot of the movie is what has got everyone so hyped up about this movie and here it is for you all:
Buena Festa is hosting a festival for the pirates and by the pirates. Most of the big name pirates will be attending this festival and not only that but also taking active part in it as well.

Douglas Bullet a former member of the Roger Pirates will be making the headlines as he will contest in this festival as well.

One piece stampede

In the trailer we have seen Monkey D Luffy and Douglas Bullet battling and their conqueror’s haki leaking which was a dope scene and has got all the fans buzzing. These pirates will be contesting to get hold of one of the treasures of Gol D Roger himself.

For those wondering what is going on with One Piece anime and why the pacing of it is too damn slow. The answer is that One Piece anime’s main staff is working on One Piece: Stampede movie. Since anime doesn’t want to compromise on Wano country arc and its quality that is why they are waiting to adapt it after the production of One Piece: Stampede is finished.

That is another awesome news, also Dragon Ball Super Broly director will be directing One Piece anime from Wano country arc onwards. Mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on new cast members of One Piece: Stampede.


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