One Piece franchise has launched an all-new extended trailer of One Piece Stampede and it is safe to say that this one gives us a way better insight regarding the story of One Piece Stampede. Here is the English subbed version of the new extended trailer:

From the trailer, we can see that this pirate festival for the pirates and by the pirated could just well be a decoy and the real plan of Buena Festa and Douglas Bullet is something else entirely. While asking every pirate to come to this festival in order to find the treasure of Gol D Roger, Douglas Bullet plans something big. Also, from the trailer, we see that Buster Call will be made and Akainu himself will answer this Buster Call. It also seems that Douglas Bullet wants to destroy both pirates as well as the marines which are very interesting. Also, from the trailer we see Douglas Bullet picks a fight with Luffy by beating up Usopp.

Seeing his comrade beaten up will obviously make Luffy go mad and berserk. He is going to go all out against Douglas Bullet in the end as expected. More characters like Smoker, Law, Sabo, Fujitora, etc were also shown in the trailer of the movie. This extended trailer looks pretty awesome to me.

One Piece Stampede new Trailer

Douglas Bullet and his devil fruit Gasha Gasha no Mi was seen in action yet again as now we got a clear glimpse of its working. Douglas Bullet can clearly attract the objects and transform them into a well working robot which obviously enhances his strength way more than he actually has.

I’m really excited about this upcoming One Piece Stampede movie. The movie will be released in Japan on 09 August 2019. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding this new extended trailer of One Piece Stampede and the evil intentions of Douglas Bullet and Bueno Festa.

I’m also eager to see Monkey D Luffy using his gear fourth once again. We might be just lucky enough to see the all powerful and all awesome gear fourth snake man once more. Trafalgar D Law will seemingly have an important role in the movie as well, so will Smoker. Sabo, in my opinion, will not have a major role in the story of One Piece Stampede. So, let us see how this hyped up movie turns out to be.


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