One Piece official account on Twitter @OPcom_info revealed a new Wano look for the Strawhat Pirates. As we know that the whole Strawhat Pirates crew will be reunited at Wano after a long time. The likes of Zoro, Robin, Usopp and Franky. All the characters have got an upgraded design for the Wano country arc as the character designer of the series has also been changed and now the new character designer of the arc is Midori Matsuda.

He was the character designer of One Piece Film Gold as well previously. From the visual, we can clearly see much-improved character designs of the characters. The best looking character from the visual for me is Roronoa Zoro as he looks quite cool, next up I think Franky looks awesome with his new hairstyle as well. Monkey D Luffy and others also look way better than before so we should all expect some awesome stuff delivered by One Piece anime from now on.

Also, the new director Tatsuya Nagamine will be taking the reigns as the new One Piece director from July 7 when Wano country arc will premiere.

Wano country visual

This is going to be just too awesome as Tatsuya Nagamine is a proven director and in my opinion the best anime director right now. He is the masterclass director behind Dragon Ball Super Broly movie. One Piece fans will be familiar with his direction as he also was the director of One Piece Film Z which also was an awesome movie to behold.

I think that One Piece Wano country arc is just going to be the best arc of the anime in every sense. It is going to have the best story, best animations, best character designs, best direction, best acting, best and the biggest war of the One Piece history ever and also the most powerful characters we have seen thus far in the series. So, if you any One Piece fan ecstatic every time you meet him, know that he is living a dream right now. Seriously, what a time to be a One Piece fan right now is, just wow.

Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding this new visual revealed about Wano country arc by One Piece. The Wano country arc will premiere from 07 July 2019. Remember this date as from this date the awesomeness and the legendary arc is bound to begin. I’m very much excited to see how this arc unfolds. We are already in the middle of this arc in the manga as we speak.


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