One Piece Pirates with the highest bounties.

Warning: This list has spoilers from the manga. So if you’re not upto date with the manga, read only at your own risk.

If you’re a famous pirate then you’re bound to have huge bounty on your head. In this list, we bring you the highest bounties in the One Piece world.

10. Cavendish- 330,000,000 beris. Captain of the Beautiful pirates, he is a talented swordsman and is a part of Luffy’s Grand Pirate Fleet.

9. Doflamingo – 340,000,000 beris. Former Shichibukai and Captain of the Donquixote family. He is believed to be a very evil man. He’s also know as “Heavenly Yaksha”, linking him to his celestial lineage.

8. Scratchmen Apoo- 350,000,000 beris. He’s a member of the worst generation along with Kid and Law. He ‘fought’ against Kizaru in Sabaody Archipelago.


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