One Piece Manga Chapter 930 Release Date: X Drake And Page One

One Piece manga chapter 930 spoilers

Hey guys, One Piece 930 will be an interesting chapter and it will definitely have some epic scenes in it. I can’t wait for this chapter, it will be a very good chapter for Sanji and he will get even more character development. Moreover, we saw the return of one of my favorite character which is X Drake. In the upcoming maga chapter we might see him action. Today, I am going to give my prediction on the upcoming chapter of One Piece.
Let’s begin –

One Piece manga chapter 930

One Piece Manga Chapter 930 Spoilers

In the beginning of the chapter we will see X Drake and Pageone making their way towards Sanij’s location. On the other hand Law will tell Sanji to get out of Flower Capital but it will be too late, X Drake will find them. X Drake will tell them to come with them without any retaliation but they will not listen and will start to fight. Sanji’s fight will be the main focus of this chapter. We will see him using his power to the fullest that he wasn’t able to use after the timeskip.

His opponent will be Pageone who is a formidable opponent and his Devil Fruit makes him dangerous. Sanji and Pageone will start to fight, both of them will be strong but Sanji might have an upper hand in the fight. On the other hand we will see Law fighting against X Drake. In that fight we will see how powerful X Drake is and where he ranks among the Worst Generation. Their fight will be awesome to witness and we will see the true power of Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit. The fights will get more and more intense, they will draw the attention of the Samurai.

One Piece manga chapter 930 release date

One Piece Manga Chapter 930 Release Date

Law will then come up with a plan to escape from the Flower Capital. Both of them will be successful in escaping from there and we will see Hawkins finding the person that he was looking for and the chapter ends. One Piece chapter 930 leaks will release on 18 January 2019 and it’s official release date is 21 January 2019. This is it from me and if you guys have your opinion on the upcoming chapter then let me know that in the comment section down below. With this I end this article and I will see you guys in the next article.

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