One Piece Magazine Starring Ace And The Mera Mera No Mi !

One Piece

On the Weekly Shonen Jump #7, it was revealed that there will be an upcoming One Piece Magazine which will cover the story of Ace, the brother of protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy, of One Piece. It was also revealed to be serialized very soon.

The magazine will have multiple issues in future and will also have a novel, which would make it a Canon source of information. Also, with Ace as protagonist, the magazine will probably cover:
1. Departure from Mt. Colubo
2. Formation of Spade Pirates
3. Showdown with Jinbe
4. To the 2nd Division commander of Whitebeard Pirates

Source: OnePieceLog Twitter

Ace was a fan favorite character, and also he was killed early in the series. Moreover, many of the fans including me want to see his back-story and he acquired Mera Mera no Mi. It might also show some notable fights and how he acquired his bounty.

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