One Piece Film Gold’s Earnings surpass 4 Billion Yen

The latest movie of Eiichiro Oda’s famous franchise One Piece has earned surpassed the 4 Billion Yen mark. One Piece Film Gold has earned 4,200,422,000 Yen(which is about US$41.94) as of Wednesday from the Japanese box office. Adding to this the film has already been 3,138,154 and in order celebrate the success of the movie, the One Piece which is going to be aired today will have the opening of the Film Gold. This film is the third highest movie of the One Piece franchise after One Piece Film Z(6.87 Billion Yen) and One Piece: Strong World(4.8 Billion Yen). Meanwhile, Toei is projecting that the movie will earth over 6 Billion Yen. The movie was opened in Japan on 23 July and it will screen in 33 other countries.


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