One Piece Film Gold’s Earning Surpasses 5 Billion Yen

It’s not been long since One Piece Film Gold was released, but the movie has already earned 5,007,520,000 yen (about US$48.8 million) at the Japanese box office as of Thursday, 48 days after it opened.

Additionally, the film has been seen 3,757,181 times.
The movie has already surpassed the earnings of Film Gold, which were about 4.8 billion Yen, the second highest in the Franchise.
Film Z had a total earning of 6.8 Billion Yen.
Toei seem to think that the movie will surpass the 6 Billion mark, which isn’t a surprise, really.
The film opened in Japan on July 23, and it will screen in 33 other countries.
Source: AnimeNewsNetwork


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