One Piece anime debuted the two-episode filler arc last time out in episode 895. We fans had become accustomed to the awesomeness of Wano arc but this last episode was just average and disappointing to witness but it will serve as a nice base for the upcoming One Piece Stampede movie.

Talking about the last episode, One Piece Episode 895 was titled “Special Edition! The Strongest Bounty Hunter Cidre”. Cidre was introduced in this episode, he is one of the most well known and prominent bounty hunters around.

Festa was also shown in this episode and he was plotting to make Pirate Festival a hub for the biggest pirates and even invited Cidre to crush the party. Strawhat Pirates were ambushed by Cidre’s crew but escaped using Coup de Burst.

One Piece episode 896 release date

They anchored their ship at an island intending to refill cola for future use. Here Monkey D Luffy can across Boa Hancock. Now, Monkey D Luffy and Hancock are about to face Cidre together while the rest of the Strawhat Pirates crew is also about to battle the remaining crew of Cidre the pirate hunter.

Now, let us discuss what will happen in the upcoming episode of One Piece anime. Spoilers of the new episode will follow now so if you do not like to read spoilers then stay away from this post. One Piece Episode 896 is titled “Special Editon! – Clash! Luffy vs. the King of Carbonation”.

Here is One Piece episode 896 preview for you all:

In this new episode, we will get to see the final showdown between the pirate hunter Cidre and Boa Hancock and Monkey D Luffy will take place. Cidre will launch his cola attacks one after another and will hope to take down Strawhat Pirates crew and also Boa Hancock which will make him insanely rich because of their humongous bounties.

One Piece episode 896 Spoilers

But Monkey D Luffy will spoil this party of his and show his true power. Luffy will simply destroy Cidre the bounty hunter. Also, hopefully, we might get more insight related to the antagonist of One Piece Stampede movie, Douglas Bullet.

Hopefully, more details regarding Douglas Bullet will be shared in the next episode. One Piece Episode 896 release date is 04 August 2019. Do mention what are your thoughts regarding One Piece episode 896 spoilers. Let us all hope that this second and final episode of this mini filler arc will be worth watching and better than the first one.


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