One Piece debuted its most awaited arc in 20 years last week and we have to mention that the episode was well worth all the hype and wait. The last episode of One Piece anime was titled “Wano Country! To the Land of Samurai where Cherry Blossoms Flutter”. In this episode, we got to see some of the Strawhats like Zoro, Robin, Franky, Usopp who we haven’t seen in more than a year in anime.

They have been living in Wano country under disguise and Kinemon has told them not to engage in trouble but Zoro gets in trouble and is forced to commit Seppuku. Zoro in an iconic fashion uses the dull Seppuku blade to cut through the original killer. Franky is working as a carpenter, Usopp is selling toad oil and Robin is training to become an escort for Kurozumi Orochi.

The episode was way better than our fans wildest dreams. Tatsumi Nagamine himself directed the episode and it was a piece of art and the new character designs also look amazing. Now, talking about the upcoming episode of One Piece anime. One Piece episode 893 is titled “O-Tama Appears – Luffy vs. Kaido’s Army!”. Now, the official spoilers will follow so whoever does not like to read spoilers stay away from this post.

In One Piece episode 893, we’ll see Luffy thinking about what happened and Sanji flying away with the crew. Also, right then Kaido’s subordinates will arrive with OTama their prisoner.

One Piece episode 893 spoilers

Monkey D Luffy will beat Kaido’s subordinates and free OTama. Then OTama will tame the baboon which will be chasing her by producing a dango from her cheeks. OTama will then show how grateful she is for Luffy’s help when she will take Luffy to her house and offer her rice.

Meanwhile, Tenguyama Hitetsu will arrive and will be all angry because Luffy ate all of Tama’s rice. Meanwhile, OTama will pass out because of he of the contaminated water that the whole Wano drinks due to Kaido’s factories. Also, Tenguyama Hitetsu will reveal that OTama is waiting for a pirate named Portgas D Ace. The spoilers look awesome.

Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on One Piece episode 893 Spoilers. one Piece episode 893 release date is 14 July 2019. So, let us see how things unfold in One Piece episode 893 and whether or not it is able to maintain the consistency of quality or not.


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