One Piece episode 891 was simply a fitting end to the boring couple months of the One Piece anime. Even though most of the content was canon but it was being stretched with flashbacks which annoyed us fans but now all that misery is behind us as from One Piece episode 892 Wano country arc will commence at last. One Piece episode 892 is titled “Wano Country! To the Land of Samurai where Cherry Blossoms Flutter”.

We’ll get the movie feel from now on in One Piece anime which is just awesome. The new character designs will be at work and so will be the new director Tatsuya Nagamine. Here is the preview of One Piece episode 892:

Now, let us discuss the spoilers of One Piece episode 892 in detail. Whoever does not like to read spoilers they should switch to another post on TheAnimeScrolls. So, in the new episode, we are going to see the returns of characters like Usopp, Robin, Franky and Roronoa Zoro. Roronoa Zoro will be falsely accused of the crimes he never committed. He will be forced to commit Seppuku and will be given a knife to do the same. Then Zoro will just cut everyone down who is in his way with the seppuku knife he was given and he will escape.

We’ll get to see Monkey D Luffy washing up in Wano country along with Sunny while the rest of the crew is nowhere to be seen. OTama along with the two beasts will be also shown in the upcoming episode. We’ll see Luffy protecting OTama and then OTama will use her ability to tame the baboon. OTama will then take Luffy to her place and offer her food.

One Piece episode 892 release date

Also, Basil Hawkins will be informed about the incident at the beach and will go to check out the situation.

The Wano country arc is going to be just awesome and the best arc of One Piece anime so far. Everyone is working hard behind the scenes to make this arc more awesome than it already is. One Piece episode 892 release date is Sunday 07 July 2019. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts regarding One Piece episode 892 spoilers and the commencement of Wano country arc. I’m too damn excited about this arc beginning ad the new improved staff’s work will be on display starting from the next episode. So, let us see how things unfold in the upcoming One Piece episode.


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