One Piece anime is still animating the Reverie arc which has been dragged on and on for like forever. In the last episode of One Piece anime which was titled “Sabo Enraged – The Tragedy of the Revolutionary Army Officer Kuma”, we got to see again Shirahoshi and others under the protection of Donquixote Mjosgard. He was again telling him that he will be their protector.

Meanwhile, Jewelry Bonney was seen infiltrating Mary Geoise, she was disguised as dowager queen Connie of the Sorbet Kingdom. She was also pretty angry and upset when she saw what has happened to Kuma. It seems that she has a deep connection with Bartholomew Kuma. Also, Sabo upon seeing the state of Bartholomew Kuma was also enraged. He has to be stopped by his comrades otherwise the fight would have broken out sooner than expected.

Sabo also revealed that they are in Mary Geoise so that they could retrieve Bartholomew Kuma. Now, coming to the spoilers of the upcoming episode of One Piece anime. This episode is titled “Finally, It Starts – The Conspiracy-filled Reverie!”.

One Piece episode 889 release date

As the title suggests in this upcoming episode, the Reverie Conference will finally start and world nobles will put forward their opinions about how to deal with the problems of the changing world.

After this Gorosei will be heading straight to the room where Empty Thorne is, there we will see the eldest one asking Im Sama which has he chosen to be the light that needs to be extinguished from the history itself. This is a statement that made huge waves in the One Piece fandom when the manga chapter came out quite a few months ago. Some say that World Government might take out Blackbeard as Shanks also has conspired against him, whether that is true or simply they want to take out Monkey D Luffy remains one of the unsolved resent mysteries.

The new One Piece episode will be coming out this Sunday, that is 16 June 2019. Do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on One Piece episode 889 spoilers? Now, the wait for Wano country arc to begin in anime is almost over as not much time is remaining before it finally begins on 07 July 2019. I’m certainly very excited about this arc to begin along with every One Piece anime fan out there. Let us see how things unfold in the upcoming episode of One Piece anime.


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