One Piece anime after the completion of the Whole Cake Island arc has extremely slowed down the pacing of adaptation of the manga. Normally One Piece adapts at least one and a half chapter but right now it is adapting one chapter for almost three long episodes which are mostly just flashbacks.

But surprisingly this is not irritating any fans whose hearts are at peace for a very fine reason. They know that most of the staff is working on One Piece Stampede and if the pacing is normal than Wano arc will have to suffer because of lack of staff. So, in order to not compromise on Wano country arc, One Piece is taking their time adapting the Reverie Conference arc which is okay for fans as long as Wano arc is not messed up.

Now, in the upcoming One Piece episode 884, we’ll see the big woman Shirahoshi again. This time two more allies of Monkey D Luffy will be joining her as they’ll meet and greet and talk about how much they miss Monkey D Luffy. The other two princesses that will join the princess of Fishman Island Shirahoshi are Princess of Alabasta Kingdom Vivi and Princess of Dressrosa Rebecca.

The three have never met thus far but when they’ll know that all of them know and admire Monkey D Luffy, they will straightaway behave like good friends. The One Piece episode 884 is titled “I Miss Him! Vivi and Rebecca’s Sentiments”. Even though talking about a now big-name pirate Monkey D Luffy is not safe in the holy land of Mary Geoise but the trio just won’t be able to hide their excitement.

This is great news for Monkey D Luffy as he has now allies that can make a difference for him in the near future.

One piece episode 884 spoilers

In One Piece episode 885 we might get to see the treasure of Mary Geoise at last, Doflamingo will be shown being taken to Impel Down to be killed as he knows about the Treasure of Mary Geoise.

Also, Im Sama will also be shown in this episode with a giant Strawhat situated in the underground Mary Geoise. Well, it will be nice to see Vivi and Rebecca again. Vivi so desperately wanted to join Luffy’s crew at the end of Alabasta arc but her family duties came in her way otherwise she might have been a pirate as well. The Reverie Conference will soon be kicking off in One Piece anime. Do share with us your thoughts on One Piece episode 884 in the comments section down below.


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