Hey guys, I am here with the official spoilers of the upcoming episode of One Piece anime. Now that the awesome fight between Luffy and Katakuri has ended, Luffy is trying to keep his promise. Before we begin, I have to warn you that we will be entering spoiler territory here and if you don’t want to be spoiled then click away from this article. Now that’s out of the way.
Let’s begin –

One Piece Episode 872

One Piece Episode 872 Spoilers

The episode begins on Cacao Island where everyone is waiting for Luffy’s arrival. Then we see Pekoms in the Mirror world taking Luffy out of there. Luffy asks him why he is doing this, to which he replies that he doesn’t want Pedro’s death go in vain. Pekoms tells Luffy to be prepared because they are going to be surrounded by enemies. The scene changes to Cacao Island, someone is trying to get out of the mirror world and they can also hear voice of someone. Pekoms comes out of the mirror world and he is using Brulee as a hostage. He then takes out his Sunglasses and looks at the moon at starts to transform into his Sulong form.

Everyone there is telling him not to do so because he can’t control himself. Then we see Oven telling that it was supposed to be Luffy or Katakuri who was supposed to come out. He gets even more angry when he sees his sister getting captured again. Oven then burns the gun that is in Pekoms’ hand with his Devil Fruit ability and also one hits Pekoms with his move. Pekoms falls and so does Luffy with him, Sanji informs Strawhat that Luffy made it out of the Mirror world. Big Mom Pirates attacks Luffy but he evades the attack. Then Big Mom Pirates notice that Luffy is in the air and one of the members of the Big Mom Pirates catch up to him and is about to kill him.

One Piece Episode 872 release date

One Piece Episode 872 Release Date

But, Sanji comes in and saves Luffy. Sanji then gets intercepted by an enemy and gets hit by him. They seem to be dead but a huge explosion happens and someone destroyed the entire Fleet of Big Mom Pirates. It shows that it is Germa 66 who are trying to protect Luffy and Sanji. The episode ends. This is it from this article and if you guys have your opinion on what might happen in the next episode of One Piece do tell me them in the comment section down below. One Piece Episode 871 will release on 10 February 2019.

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