One Piece Episode 861 will be released within the next few days and it is time we start talking about the next episode. Last week’s One Piece episode was okay, but it was very dragged out. We can confirm that the previous episode adapted less than a chapter of One Piece manga, and to me, that’s absurd. However, with Komaki at the helm, the episode turned out to be okay and I enjoyed all the parts with Capone Gang Bege and his crew.

One Piece Episode 861 Release Date

He’s really taken his chance here at Whole Cake Island and become one of the favorites. We saw him shooting Oven in the previous episode and send him flying. He managed to save his wife, and Sanji put the cake on the Nostra Castello as well. But, oven isn’t done yet. As the preview for One Piece Episode 861 shows us, he’s planning to burn Capone Gang Bege and his entire crew alive.

One Piece Episode 861 Spoilers

I think Oven is one of the most powerful veterans of the Big Mom Pirates. This guy is so much better than Daifuku who didn’t even do anything useful in the arc. In One Piece Episode 861, we will see Oven’s ability to heat up the end ocean. He’ll make things very difficult for the Firetank Pirates. However, just then, Chiffon’s father will save the day. That’s right, Pound attacks Oven and infuriates him in the process. Check out the preview for One Piece Episode 861 here:

Oven proceeds to execute Pound right there and then, and we see a sad ending to a sad story. Pound didn’t even get to meet his daughters, or his grandchild. Anyway, his sacrifice doesn’t go in vain as the crew manages to escape. We also go back to Luffy, who finally enters the Mirror World once again after regaining his Haki. Luffy vs Katakuri has begun once again and this time, the fight will be a lot more intense than what we saw last time around.

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Meanwhile, towards the end of the episode, the Sunny will be surrounded by Daifuku’s Fleet on one side, and Big Mom on the other side. This is where Carrot decides to use her Trump card, called Sulong. This is a form that’s unique to some of the Musketeer and Guardian Minks. Carrot will transform and proceed to fight them all alone. This will most likely be included in One Piece Episode 862.

One Piece Episode 861 Release Date

One Piece Episode 861 is titled “The Cake Sank?! Sanji and Bege’s Getaway Battle!” One Piece Episode 861 episode will air on Sunday, November 4, 2018. You can stream it over Funimation, and Crunchyroll with English Subs. Please avoid the usage of unofficial sources, and support the official release. I hope the next episode lives up to our expectations, and I know that the staff will deliver.

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