One Piece Episode 758 Review- The King of the Day! Duke Dogstorm Appears!

Hey everyone! I’m back with this week’s One Piece Episode 758 Review. We’re currently going at a very slow pace, due to the Anime catching up to the manga, and all. But there isn’t much of Zou left, considering it is a very very short arc. So, anyway, let’s begin.
In the last episode of One Piece we saw Jack who is one of the three henchmen of Kaido. We saw how much destructive power he possesses. Despite Brook having said that not to mention anything about Wano Kingdom and samurai, Luffy being Luffy goes ahead and says that he was disappointed not see the ninja.

Brook uses his latest technique, “Bone Chop” to beat up Luffy.
One Piece Episode 758
Usopp and Nami join and beat the hell outta Luffy. They are met by Shisilian, who is a musketeer. One Piece Review


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