One Piece Episode 755: Review — Strawhats Reunite

One Piece Episode 755 picks up where we left off in the previous episode. With the mink named Wanda, Luffy rides an alligator to meet up with his comrades. Suddenly, The Elephant , Zou, starts pouring water from its trunk onto its back which, naturally, floods the entire city. Zoro, Law and the others run away from the water and find a safer location.
While the others are already at Zou, Kin’emon, Kanjuro and Bariete are still climbing Zou on top of a Cat, drawn by Kanjuro. IMG-20160904-WA0012
To be honest I believe Kanjuro and Giolla would make a fine couple (jk it would’ve been gross). The water starts pouring down the leg of Zou on which all three are climbing, and they fall down yet again. I’m tired of how they’re dragging the anime. But Oda has been taking a lot of breaks recently, so, it’s understandable.
Meanwhile Usopp, who has climbed onto a large tower sees Luffy playfully being bitten by Carrot and loses his cool. After hearing Usopp’s report, the Strawhats start believing that Minks are cannibals.
As the back of the Elephant is flooded, Luffy falls off it due the alligator being submerged in water.
Ultimately, Carrot saves the day by saving Luffy from drowning while showing her incredible speed.


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