Top 7 One Piece Characters Who Deserve Higher Bounties

We’re well aware what bounties mean in the One Piece World. Bounties are issued by the World Government, so that they could quickly capture that person. However, not every person has the bounty they deserve. So, I have made a list of the bounties that I feel should’ve been higher bounties.
Let’s begin:

7. Sir Crocodile

Sir Crocodile was a former Shichibukai, and the leader of the Baroque Works. He was the main antagonist of the of the Alabasta Arc. He is ruthless, evil, and he can do anything to achieve his goals. Crocodile toys with weak opponents and likes to kill them slowly. He even wanted to destroy an entire Kingdom in order to achieve his goals. If the World Government knew about his plans, his bounty would’ve been extremely high.



  1. I really like your insight in this article and you have made some valid arguments there especially on Gecko Moria, Sanji, and Robin. Although, I believe that the very reason why their bounties maybe low is that they weren’t really considered much of a threat despite of their caliber based on the perception of the world government. Though, it should be change depending on their actions some may had been low keys. However, I definitely agree in majority of your list because they really have the tendency be truly bothersome.


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