Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be talking about how One Piece creator Oda has revealed how Shanks got his scar. All of us know that Akagami no Shanks has had the scar from the start on his eye, but we didn’t how or who gave him the scar until Akagami no Shanks told Whitebeard that Blackbeard gave him the scar.

Let’s begin this post regarding One Piece creator Oda revealed how Shanks got his scar

It was revealed when Akagami no Shanks came to meet Whitebeard that Blackbeard gave him the scar that has been decorating his face from the very start of the series.
Shanks' Bounty
This confirmed that yonko Akagami no Shanks and Blackbeard have encountered each other more than one time because Shanks said clearly that Blackbeard is a very dangerous man and pleaded stop Ace from battling him. This tells us how much Shanks knows about Yonko Blackbeard. Shanks knew how powerful he was and Ace will not be able to beat him.

Just to let Whitebeard know how dangerous he is, he gave him the information that he gave him the scar.
Shanks and Blackbeard
But Whitebeard, unfortunately, could do nothing because Ace left ok his own accord. Also, when he was seen in one of the chapters of the Reverie arc where Akagami no Shanks went up to meet the Gorosei himself.

He wanted to talk about a very dangerous threat and I suppose he was seeking the help of the World Government to take out Yonko Blackbeard or just wanted to talk about Blackbeard to them.
Shanks stopped Kaido
Shanks seems to know more about Yonko Blackbeard than anyone else. Remember what Shanks mentioned when he told Whitebeard about his scar. He mentioned whenever he makes a move my scar aches. Does this mean that Shanks’ scar has a clear connection?

This could mean that the scar Blackbeard gave him is very complex than normal. As I mentioned earlier Shanks had the scar even when he met Luffy 12 years ago.
Shanks royal lineage
It is clear that Blackbeard has given Shanks a scar with his claw-like weapon. This was revealed by Oda recently in the Vivre Card. Yes, the Claw weapon is responsible for this.

We’re basically sure that Blackbeard wasn’t stronger than shanks at that point. I mean, if he was stronger then he wouldn’t run from Shanks in Marineford even though he had 2 devil fruits.
Connection between Shanks
Some fans might say that Blackbeard didn’t run and all that stuff but it was quite clear that Shanks’ crew was superior as Blackbeard hesitated to engage and thought it was wise for him to run away and live to fight another day. We know that Blackbeard plays dirty however Shanks himself stated that he kept his guard up when he gave him the scar.

So, if Blackbeard did not play dirty and was weaker then Shanks’ plus Shanks had his guard up like all the time, it doesn’t make sense how else he could have got the scar from Blackbeard.
Shanks at Mary Geoise
Oda said that key to Blackbeard eating 2 devil fruits is something related to his body. He has a weird body and even Marco acknowledged that.

Marco also said that he has a weird body and Ace probably thought the same thing. This Is all probably connected to how he was able to eat 2 devil fruits.
one piece creator Oda
But that is not all, I think this is also the key to how he injured Shanks and how he defeated Portgas D Ace and Marco the Phoenix. I think this is all connected and that is why Shanks worries about Blackbeard so much. Now, why would Blackbeard attack Shanks in the first place? They were probably really close. However, when Shanks found Gomu Gomu No Mi, Blackbeard could’ve thought it was something else.

Blackbeard probably thought that it is Yami Yami No Mi since these 2 fruits are similar. Blackbeard attacked Shanks. However, he later realized that it isn’t Yami Yami No Mi.
This is probably the reason for him attacking Shanks. Of course, we know what happened later. He killed Thatch and the rest is basically known. I think that the key is Blackbeard’s weird body. As One Piece creator Oda said, I think that answers everything including how he gave Shanks a scar.

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