All 6 One Piece Characters Who Can Invoke A Buster Call

Buster Call is a form of military attack used by the Marines. It is mainly used to destroy a criminal group, along with the island they are on, if its existence proves to be extremely dangerous to the World Government. After a call, 5 Vice Admirals take command of 10 ships which are closest to the location, and go commence the operation. There aren’t many people who have this kind of authority, but here are all those who do —

6. Admirals

Admirals are the “Strongest Military Force in the Marines”. There are three admirals in the Marines, and the current Admirals in the Marines are Kizaru, Fujitora and Ryokugyu. They have the second highest rank in the Marines. A single Admiral is capable of defeating many super strong pirates. These three Admirals have the authority of invoking a Buster Call according to their own judgement.


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