10 One Piece Characters Who Have Fought Against The Yonkou

Yonkou are the four most powerful pirates in the world. They were first introduced at the end of Enies Lobby arc. Their powers are so great that the World Government had to combine two of their strongest organizations in order to counter them. Yonkou aren’t normally been challenged to a duel by normal pirates, or these pirates doesn’t often start a fight. Some pirates who were called super rookies challenged Yonkou to a fight in order to gain fame or their position as a Yonkou. In today’s list I listed the people who have fought against one the Yonkou.
Let’s begin-

10. Gecko Moria
Gecko Moria is a former Shichibukai and was also a captain of a former unnamed pirate crew. Moria has fought against the Yonkō Kaido during when he was a rookie. He fought for three days against Kaido but was defeated by Kaido in the end. Gecko Moria’s pirate crew was destroyed and killed by Kaido’s crew. After that incident, Gecko Moria put together a crew so that he could take revenge from Kaido.

9. Dracule Mihawk
Mihawk is a Shichibukai and is the World’s Strongest Swordsman. He was the rival of the Yonkō, Red Hair Shanks and both of them fought countless times in the past. The battle between Mihawk and Shanks was so intense that it echoed through out Grand Line. But when Shanks lost his arm, Mihawk lost interest in fighting against Shanks.




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