One Piece manga produced yet another awesome chapter last week and we fan just cannot get enough of the Wano Country arc. Talking about the last chapter. In One Piece chapter 950, we got to see Monkey D Luffy’s health is deteriorating since he is still suffering from the poison that he got during the last chapter.

Luffy did tell Eustass Captain Kid that he wanted him to join his alliance and defeat Kaido together but Kid was fed up of this alliance thing as he was betrayed by Basil Hawkins and others. Kid and Killer left.

After prisoners of Udon got to know that even Monkey D Luffy is a pirate they didn’t believe in him all of a sudden but as soon as they saw Momonuske Kozuki they bowed down to him as they respect him a lot knowing that he is Oden Kozuki’s son.

After this, we saw that Roronoa Zoro has beaten up all of Kurozumi Orochi’s ninjas and now wants his shusui back. At the end of the chapter, we saw Trafalgar D Law has been captured and is already in seastone cuffs.

Now, I’ll be talking about the new chapter predictions so if you do not want to be spoiled then switch to some other post on TheAnimeScrolls. One Piece chapter 951 will be an awesome chapter for certain.

One Piece chapter 951 Spoilers

In this new chapter, we will get to see first of all Chopper finding a cure for Luffy and whoever has been affected by the poison.

Then we will see what is up with Trafalgar D Law and others. It seems that X Drake has beaten up Vinsmoke Sanji but I do not believe that. Since Hawkins was asking X Drake why is he acting strangely, it is possible that Sanji’s Raid Suit has the ability to transform into others this ability is known as shapeshifting.

This could be the only way that Trafalgar D Law can be saved since he is now in seastone cuffs. Or else even is this X Drake is the real deal then Hawkins and Drake will have to join the alliance of Luffy and Law and this could also save Law.

The bottom line is that Law will be saved by any means necessary and in the upcoming chapter of One Piece manga we will get to see what is the fate of Trafalgar D Law. One Piece chapter 951 release date is 04 August 2019.

The unofficial scans of One Piece chapter 951 will be released on 02 August 2019. Do mention in the comments section down below your thoughts regarding One Piece chapter 951 spoilers.


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