One Piece manga was again on a break last week and this week it is going to make a comeback with a bang as always. In One Piece chapter 948 Kawamatsu, the Kappa was revealed and he looks completely different from what fans had predicted. Luffy thought that he is going to beat up Beasts Pirates and take over the prison and train his Ryou haki but that was not to be the case as prisoners started to attack Luffy.

Hyougoro instructed Raizo, OKiku to take off their disguises and show their true selves so that the prisoners believe in the rebellion again. Now, talking about the spoilers of the upcoming chapter of One Piece manga. The official spoilers are out on the internet and are freely available and I’m just sharing them here at TheAnimeScrolls. Whosoever hates spoilers should kindly read another post on TheAnimeScrolls.

In this new chapter, we will get to see Monkey D Luffy and others beat the hell out of Beasts Pirates. Eustass Kid and Killer will be looking on and observing Luffy and others.

one Piece 949 release date

The scorpion jailer will use the plague bullets and infect the prisoners. Monkey D Luffy will try to save prisoners but will get infected himself as well.

Then we’ll see the jailer about to use another capsule that will plague the who prison but Monkey D Luffy will not allow this to happen and will make the capsule explode inside the elephant. Then we’ll see the prisoners finally obeying Luffy as he will tell them to attack the scorpion jailer. Monkey D Luffy will at last completely take over the Udon prison. We may also get to see Luffy using Ryou haki once again.

Now, that Luffy has taken over the prison and its prisoners we’ll see all of these prisoners joining the rebellion which will be great for Luffy and others as the numbers will increase vastly. One Piece chapter 949 will be officially released on 21 July 2019.

The unofficial scans of One Piece chapter 949 will be out tomorrow, that is, on 19 July 2019. Even if you read the unofficial scans do not forget to help the manga community by reading the officially released chapter as well. So, let us see how badly Monkey D Luffy beats the Beasts Pirates in the upcoming chapter of One Piece manga. Do mention your thoughts in the comments section down below regarding One Piece chapter 949 spoilers.


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