One Piece finally delivered chapter 943 after other weeks break and it is safe to say it was every bit of awesomeness as expected from Oda himself. In this chapter, we saw why Smile devil fruits are known as SMILE and why the people of Ebisu Town have been robbed of emotions. It was revealed that the artificial devil fruits were not perfect while some granted abilities others took emotions.

Kurozumi Orochi slipped these faulty devil fruits into Ebisu Town and when people ate them they were robbed of emotions and started to always smile. So, the is literally a lot of pain behind the faces of all the people of Ebisu Town. Meanwhile, Otoko reached to save her face and didn’t care if Orochi kills her or not.

Orochi gets to know that she is Yasu’s daughter and shoots at her but thankfully the commanders of Strawhat Pirates, Vinsmoke Sanji and Roronoa Zoro intervened. They stopped the bullets of Kurozumi Orochi and now it is obvious that they will need to fight in order to save Otoko and themselves. So, who will be their opponents? Orochi or someone else?

Well I think that since Kurozumi Orochi is sick and so cowardly, he will be telling his subordinates to kill the duo and himself go home. In the last chapter, we also saw X-Drake and Basil Hawkins present in there as well so I think that they will be Sanji and Roronoa Zoro’s opponents.

One piece 944 spoilers

But before that, some lowlife scum is going to attack the duo for sure and they easily defeat them all. After this, the main party will unfold when Zoro and Sanji will battle Drake and Hawkins.

So, who will battle who? Any guesses? If you remember, Zoro and Hawkins have had a brief encounter at the start of Wano arc and so they clearly have unfinished business. Also, Sanji took out Drake’s buddy Page One, so their battle has a bit of history as well. I just hope that they go all out against each other so that we all have a great time.

Meanwhile, at the end of the chapter, we might get to see Big Mom finally arriving at Udon as her arrival now is way overdue. Monkey D Luffy might also show us some action by mastering his new power-up. Do mention in the comments section down below who do you guys think Sanji and Roronoa Zoro will have to face in the upcoming chapter of One Piece manga. The Wano country hype just keeps getting hotter.


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