One Piece chapter 943 will not be coming out next week because of the reason that Oda will be taking his customary break after four chapters. Some fans might be thinking that One Piece was on a break just last week but that was not Oda’s personal break but it was due to a festival in Japan courtesy of which most of the magazines including the Weekly Shonen Jump in which One Piece features were on a break.

So, Now is the real break that Oda will be taking after releasing four chapters. One Piece chapter 942 was the one that was released just this week. In this chapter, we saw Yasu being executed and his execution being broadcasted throughout Wano meant that everyone saw him dying. This chapter had its own moments of awesomeness.

Yasu’s flashback just made him a prominent character in just one chapter. We got to see him with Oden who believed that Yasu should become the Shogun. The most legendary thing he did before dying was that he told everyone that the tattoo that Orochi thinks is the mark of rebellion was all a joke and Orochi’s coward heart made a meal out of it. This means Kinemon can now execute his plans with ease and Orochi’s men won’t believe a word he says.

Yasu’s daughter Otoko and others from Ebisu Town were all seen laughing even at the time of such grief. Hiyori Kozuki revealed that it is all because of Kaido and his Smile Project that Ebisu Town has turned like this.

One piece chapter 943

This is a big detail as this means that the production of Smile devil fruits is clearly somehow related to Ebisu Town. Now, in One Piece chapter 943, the focus will shift towards Udon Prison.

Big Mom has now arrived at Udon, what will be the consequences of her being there? In the next chapter, we might again see Monkey D Luffy in more battles and this time around he might finally get some sort of hold on the new technique which enables Monkey D Luffy to hit enemies without even him touching them.

This is some sort of advanced armament haki type. Whatever happens in the next chapter we know it is going to be awesome. Unfortunately, we have to wait an extra week for the release of this new chapter. One Piece chapter 943 will officially be released on 27 May 2019 but scans will be available a couple of days before that. So, do mention in the comments section down below what are your thoughts on One Piece Chapter 943.


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