Hey guys, as we all know that One Piece manga chapter was delayed in the previous week and the fans have been waiting for the new chapter. The previous chapter was pretty decent and there was a revelation that blew everyone’s mind. The chapter left us with a cliffhanger that made everyone lose their mind. Now, our wait is finally over as the chapter will release this week and with the chapter right around the corner, today I am going to give my prediction on the upcoming manga chapter of One Piece.
Let’s begin:-

On Piece Chapter 939 Spoilers

In the beginning of the chapter, we will see the allies of Momo and co getting captured one by one. We will see the captured members of the Heart pirates and where they are right now. The scene will change where Law will be making his preparation to rescue his Nakama but, he will be stopped by Kanjuro. Moreover, the true identity of the thief will be revealed to us and he will definitely be an old Nakama of them. I think it might be one of the member of the Oden’s family.

One Piece Chapter 939 Spoilers

The scene will change has to the prison where Luffy is besting everyone. Queen will be about to start a fight with Luffy but he is told by his subordinates that Big Mom is in front of the gates. Big Mom will arrive at the prison and everyone will freak out even Queen himself because of her. Luffy will also hear about this and will get nervous because he knows that Big Mom wants to kill him. The chapter will end with Queen confronting Big Mom with his subordinates besides him.

One Piece Chapter 939 Release Date

This is my opinion of what might happen in the upcoming chapter of One Piece. If you guys have your opinion of the next chapter do let me know them in the comment section down below.

One Piece Chapter 939 Release Date

One Piece chapter 939 leaks will release on 12 April 2019 and it will official release on April 2019. This is it from me and I will see you guys in the next one.

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