One Piece Chapter 930 Spoilers And Release Date

One Piece Chapter 930 spoilers

Hey guys I am back with yet another article on One Piece 930. One Piece 929 was a very good chapter, in that chapter we got to see Zoro making his way towards Leftover town, Orochi’s face was revealed and most of all, X Drake was shown finally after a long period of time. Overall I love the chapter very much. But we are not here to talk about One Piece 929, today I am going to give my opinion on what might happen in the upcoming manga chapter of One Piece. So without any delays.
Let’s begin –

One Piece chapter 930

One Piece Chapter 930 Spoilers

In the beginning of the chapter we will see Sanji and Law talking about the headliner of Kaido that are sent to kill Sanji. Law will tell Sanji to escape from Flower Capital but it would be too late, X Drake and Onepage will find them. The fight will be between Sanji vs Onepage and X Drake vs Law. The first one to attack will be the Beast Pirates duo and the battle will commence. We will first see the battle between Sanji and Onepage. Many details will be revealed about both their Devil Fruit in this fight and in my opinion the most insane thing about their Devil Fruit will be their defensive ability.

As we all know that Dragon have skin as hard as steel which makes them extremely hard to kill. This will give them edge in battle but on the other hand I think their defensive ability won’t be similar to that of a Dragon instead it will be much lower than dragon’s skin because of them been a dinosaur Zoan. The scene will change to the prison, Luffy might be trying to figure out how to distract the guards so that Raizo can take the key. Kidd will also be there and Kidd will come up with a plan but he will tell them his plan if they let him come with Luffy and co. The plan will be to start a fight in the prison in order to distract the guards.

One Piece chapter 930 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 930 Release Date

The fight will be between Luffy and Kidd. Both of them will agree to this and will first tell Raizo about the plan. The scene, we will see Sanji fighting against Onepage. Sanji will be able to hold on his own against Onepage, also overpower him a little which will reason that Onepage shows us the man beast form of his Devil Fruit. The chapter will end. I can’t wait for this chapter and I am extremely happy that Sanji got a real fight after the timeskip. I definitely think Sanji is on par with Onepage and we will finally get to see the true powers of Sanji. One Piece chapter 930’s leaks will release on 18 January 2019 and it will official release on 21 January 2019. With this I conclude my article.

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