One Piece Chapter 930 Raw Scans Release And Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 930 Raw

Hey guys, One Piece 930 will definitely be one of the most interesting and hyped chapter of Wano Country arc. This chapter will definitely be a great and will have many amazing bits of information in it. So, today I am going to give my prediction on what might happen in this chapter, and when we can expect One Piece 930 raw to drop. So did out any delays.
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One Piece 930

One Piece Chapter 930 Spoilers

In the beginning of the chapter we will see Law and Sanji confronting X Drake and Pageone. The tension in the air will grow and the fight will start. Sanji will fight against Pageone and X Drake will fight against Law. The scene will change, we will see the prison where Luffy is trying to figure out a way help Raizo.

Then Kidd will appear with a plan but he won’t tell them until they take him along. Luffy will agree to do so. Kidd will then tell them the plan that he has got in his mind. His plan will be to start a riot in the prison which will give Raizo chance to get the key. They will start the riot in during the break when everyone will be free.

When we get One Piece Chapter 930 raw and scans, it is possible that we will see the Flower Capital getting wrecked by the fight between the two groups still going on. We will see Sanji fighting toe to toe against Pageone. We will also see some more abilities of his Devil Fruit as well as his man beast form which might give him an upper hand in the battle. We will then see Hawkins making his way towards the Leftover Town where Zoro is right now. Hawkins wants to find the thief. The chapter will end.

One Piece episode 930 spoilers

One Piece Chapter 930 Raw and Scans Release Date

This is my prediction on what might happen in One Please 930. If you guys have opinion on this chapter then let me know in the comment section down below. One Piece Chapter 930 raw and scans will release on 18 January 2019 and the official release will drop on 21 January 2019. With this, I conclude my article. I will see you guys in the next one.

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