One Piece Chapter 921 is going to be yet another pivotal chapter when it comes to story building at Wano Country. The last four chapters have been absolutely amazing, and Eiichiro Oda has knocked it out of the park, especially in the last two chapters. Of course, I expect One Piece Chapter 921 raw and scans to be similar, or at least on the same level as the previous ones.

One Piece Chapter 921 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 921 Raw/Scans Spoilers

In the previous chapter, we found all out of Wano Country’s past. Apparently, Oden’s father was the former Shogun of Wano Country. Oden himself was a troublesome fellow, and he got in many fights throughout his time at the Flower Capital. Oden was then exiled by his father, and then, he went to Kuri, and set everything up there. He built it up right from the start the scratch, and seeing all this, his father named him a Daimyo.

But then, Kaido came along and wrecked everything up. A few years later, Oden was executed, and Orochi was made the Shogun. Moments before dying, Toki, Oden’s wife, sent the four retainers and Momonosuke to 20 years in the future. That how they got here. In One Piece Chapter 921, I think we’ll see some very important developments.

One Piece 921 Chapter Raw

I think Law will probably inform people about the plan that they’ll have to follow for the upcoming two weeks. We may also see Roronoa Zoro square up against Jack the Drought. Jack was last seen heading for Kuri, and that’s exactly where Zoro is right now, after he got lost.

In the upcoming chapter, we will also come to know a bit more about Wano, and how it functions. Of course, Luffy will pay no heed to this, but it is going to be important information. I also hope that we see the Strawhat Pirates reunite completely, but that is unlikely since Zoro is lost.

One Piece 921 Release Date

One Piece Manga is on break. You won’t see Oda coming out with One Piece Chapter 921 this week. However, it will resume in Weekly Shounen Jump Issue 47. That means next week, we’ll be able to enjoy One Piece on time. You can expect the leaks for the upcoming chapter to come out on 18 October 2018. The official release for One Piece 921 is 22 October 2018.

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