One Piece Chapter 905 Full Spoilers, Summary, Release Date

One piece chapter 905 full Spoilers

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. I’m back here at TheAnimeScrolls with another spoiler post. In today’s post, I will be sharing with you all One Piece chapter 905 full spoilers. Also, this post is full of spoilers so whoever does not like to read spoilers please stay away from this post. So without further delay let us begin. One Piece 905 had a delay last week and finally this week this chapter will be piece chapter 905 This chapter is quite good as I’ve already read the spoilers and now I’ll be sharing them with you all. In the last chapter, we saw the four commanders of the Revolutionary Army. Surprisingly they had not met Dragon yet. Also, we got to know that Dragon planned to attack Reverie which makes things more exciting.

Here are the One Piece chapter 905 full spoilers:

“- In the cover we see Orlumbus in his room putting away his clothes.
– First page is a double page with “New Marineford”. Amazing illustration.
– Sakazuki is talking with T-Bone about Fujitora.
– We can see 4 new King/Queens from Reverie.
– Neptune arrives with Shirahoshi and his 3 sons. Garp has been escorting them.
– Sterry is in shock when he sees Garp.
– Fujitora and Green Bull talks in Mariejoa. We can only see Green Bull shape, only part of his/her face (I can’t say if is a man or woman).
– Sterry sees some crows and he’s afraid. A soldier says it’s all OK, he’s Sabo.

New marine HQ (New Marineford) is on the other side of the Red Line, It resembles the old Marineford and protects Mariejoa.
Upon hearing that Fujitora has returned Sakazuki is furious as he told him to bring back Luffy and Law’s heads.
He contacts Admiral Green Bull
The kings arrive at Mariejoa one by one
Stelly, the king of Luffy’s hometown of the Goa Kingdom is seen
Sabo infiltrates the venue dressed as a Goa Kingdom soldier
Green Bull is nothing but a silhouette.”

Well, the most interesting detail, in my opinion, is that the Greenbull is finally going to be shown. Some say that Greenbull is a female character which will be good as we haven’t been treated to a female Navy Admiral thus piece chapter 905 spoilers I’m really excited to see the Reverie begin. Sabo has already made his way in and this only means that the main action is going to begin a couple of chapters later. Also, Ouka Shichibukai will be abolished after the Reverie as Vegapunk has created something that will make Ouka Shichibukai unwanted. I’m excited about this chapter, are you?

That is it from today’s post one the spoilers of One Piece chapter 905.

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