One Piece Chapter 904 Release Date, Spoilers And More Details

Hey everyone! In this post I’m going to talk about One Piece manga chapter 904. One Piece was on a break due to Golden Week, and I believe most of you guys know that already. After a two week break, we are looking forward to the release of One Piece Chapter 904, which is expected to be out by Monday officially. You can read the scans online by Friday, but make sure to support the official release.

One Piece Chapter 904

is what we’re going to discuss in this post today.

One Piece Chapter 904

Previously in chapter 903, we saw beginning of the new Reverie Arc. Everyone is expecting this arc to go through swiftly, and I believe most don’t expect anything great from it, but prepare to be surprised.

Nobody really expected such a huge chapter last week. The fanbase was totally blown away by the levels of hype Eiichiro Oda built in the previous chapter. Most of it was about Monkey D Luffy, and the Strawhat Pirates. First things first, Luffy got a huge increment in his bounty. It went up from Five Hundred Million to One Billion And Five Hundred Million Berris.

One Piece 904

Right now, this is the highest bounty that we know of. Aside from Luffy, Sanji also got a completely new bounty. His former bounty was One Hundred and Seventy Seven Million Berris, and it went up to Three Hundred and Thirty Million Berris. The second highest bounty in the Strawhat Pirates after Monkey D Luffy is held by Vinsmoke Sanji, and Zoro is third with 320 million berries.

Luffy also rose in power, and popularity it seems, because the newspapers are reporting Luffy as a Yonkou now. This is because what happened at WCI was blown out of proportion by Big News Morgans. I don’t mind that, to be honest.

One Piece Manga Chapter 904

Let’s talk about One Piece Chapter 904 now. One Piece 904 has already been spoiled due to the editors. However, we know nothing major as of yet. According to a few spoilers on the internet, we will see the gathering of all the major Kings at Mariejois. We will see the Reverie kick start in One Piece manga chapter 904. Here are the editor’s comments for One Piece Chapter 904:

“To the World Meeting (Reverie) !!..
Be aware of the events that will take place there !!”

One Piece 904 Spoilers

Eiichiro Oda is planning something huge to happen at the Reverie. While most don’t expect anything from this arc, it is going to be a big one, and we’ll find information on the Void Century as well. The dissolution of the Shichibukai system is also an interesting point that needs to be discussed. Fans all over the world are looking forward to see either Dragon’s Revolutionary Army, or Yonko Kaido to storm the Holy Land of Mariejois. While I don’t think that’s going to happen, I have high expectations for this arc, and I think One Piece Chapter 904 will kick off in style.

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