One Piece is about to get into some serious business as the anime looks to adapt the biggest ever arc of the series thus far. This is the most hyped Wano country arc. If you guys follow manga you will know how awesome the arc is already. We are getting one awesome chapter after another in the Wano arc. The trailer of the arc looks stunning. Here is the trailer released by Funimation:

The trailer looks mouthwatering because of the new character designs which are so awesome and colourful, the Wano country looks colourful as well and it is indeed a joyous moment for the fans. The One Piece anime has hit the upgrade button as everything about the anime is set to change with the premiere of the Wano country arc. The character designs have been upgraded and also the director of the series has been changed as well. The new director of the anime is Tatsuya Nagamine.

Tatsuya has already been a part of One Piece as he is the director of One Piece Film Z which was an awesome movie as well. Not only that, he is the director of the most loved movie of the Dragon Balls franchise, that is Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

One piece Wano arc trailer

So, these are clearly very exciting times of the fans. In the trailer, we can see the colourful mediaeval times looking Wano country. We can see Franky, Robin, Zoro in the trailer and their character design do indeed look wonderful.

Also, Zoro’s Seppuku scene has also been shown in the trailer where he cuts the house down with a small Seppuku knife. Also, Monkey D Luffy the protagonist of the One Piece franchise is also shown in the trailer. The whole trailer looks a complete package of awesomeness. I just cannot wait to see Kaido’s dragon form, X Drake and Page One transformed, Basil Hawkins’ confrontation with Zoro, Big Mom arriving in Wano, all the three disasters of Kaido and their devil fruits, Kurozumi Orochi the shogun of Wano in his mythical serpent form, there are countless things to look forward to in Wano country arc and also how can we forget we’ll get to see Vinsmoke Sanji using his raid suit as well.

So, do mention in the comments section down below how excited are you about Wano country arc being adapted by anime. One Piece will premiere Wano country arc from 07 July 2019.


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